Homemade Body Washes: No Toxins Allowed!

It’s not easy living in the 21st century.

Souls from the 19th century—before the industrial revolution—may beg to differ, but it seems we have traded a not insignificant part of our mental and physical health for comfort.

Every time I slather sunscreen on limbs, I consider that the litany of chemicals may be more dangerous than the sun’s rays. When I eat kale, I wonder how many pesticides coat the leaves (especially when eating in a restaurant). Toothpaste, shampoo, cosmetics…the list of troublesome toxins in these common products which are linked to health problems is long and disturbing.

Though going 100% “green” is impossible, do make an effort. One article I came across at positivehealthwellness.com gives recipes for homemade body washes, with luscious ingredients including honey and coconut oil.  Some are already in your cupboards and others such as castile oil can be ordered online.

Karen Reed writes in 5 Homemade Body Washes Proven Effective For Acne Control :

“With homemade body washes, you will also know exactly what you’ve added to them. One of the biggest issues with store bought body washes is that you have no idea about some of the toxins added. The manufacturers will add “parfum” or “fragrance” to the ingredients list, but these can have hundreds of chemicals to create them. Because they’re “trade secrets” the companies get away with not releasing a full list of the toxins, chemicals, and ingredients used.”