Pulitzer Prize Goes to Series on SNAP

As obesity soars and enrollment in the governmental Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has skyrocketed to I in 7 Americans, one must ask: are they connected?

Today Columbia University awarded a Pulitzer Prize to The Washington Post’s Eli Saslow for his explanatory series on the USDA program formerly known as Food Stamps. In one segment, he follows a young Texan mother and her children as they navigate the pressures and health challenges of extreme poverty. On disability, Blanca Salas who is also diabetic allows Saslow to accompany her to the doctor’s office. Blanca injects insulin for her diabetes and her 13-year old daughter Clarissa is showing signs of pre-diabetes while 9-year-old Antonio shares her cholesterol medication.

Eating habits are unhealthy: Hot Cheetos with cheese and Diet Coke among other junky snacks and fast food. Exercise is non-existent: it’s too dangerous to go outside after a certain hour.

Read the story “Too much of too little” here. It strikes at the heart of a disturbing paradox: obesity in the hungry in America.