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Antipsychotic Drugs Linked to Microbiota in Obesity

Anti-psychotic medications are well-known to cause weight gain in both adults and children. First generation drugs as well as many popular second-generation can lead to considerable weight gain, often thrusting people of normal weight into obesity in less than a year. In addition, certain gut microbes—firmicutes– are associated with increased obesity. 

Could they be related?

 Researchers at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana in the United States asked that question: is there a link between antipsychotic drugs targets and the microbiota? 

Results of their investigation? There were “strong associations between protein targets of antipsychotics and microbiota sequences directly related to weight regulation in human body.” Read the study here.

While this demands further study, the possibilities are promising. The weight gain associated with these drugs often leads patients into other obesity-related disorders, including diabetes. Good questions lead to good science.